If you, or anyone you know, is ever visited by the FBI or other law enforcement agents:

1. Say only: "I am going to remain silent. Give me your card and my lawyer will contact you."
2. Contact your nearest National Lawyers Guild chapter to let them know about the encounter. If you are in Michigan, contact the Detroit and Michigan Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild at:


We encourage you to broadly spread word of your experience, which will alert other activists.
information on encrypted communications:

Security Self Defense

Signal, encrypted messaging

Protonmail, encrypted email communication

If the FBI or other law enforcement agents want to conduct a search:

Say, "I do not consent to a search."

You may inform them that if they leave a card, a lawyer may contact them. You can then ask them to leave, or you can simply close the door.

If they do have a warrant, you may ask them to slide it under the door or mail slot.

You may want to take a picture of the warrant and send it to a lawyer. Signal is a secure and encrypted messaging app for smartphones (https://signal.org)

You can assert that you wish to consult with a lawyer before consenting to a search. This may not stop them from entering.

Before they enter, you may wish to shut down electronics, move anything you wish to keep private from plain sight, and close all doors. The warrant may not apply to the entire house.

Anything in plain sight that obviously appears illegal or evidence of a crime may be seized.



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